Join the lab

Potential graduate students should apply to the Department of Biology or Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

We're actively seeking a technician—please email David with your CV and a brief statement about your career interests and work experience in the lab. Position requirements: bachelors degree in Biology, Genetics, or related field; familiarity with basic techniques in molecular biology and microbiology; research experience in the lab is also highly desirable.  

Interested UO undergraduate students should email David and include a brief statement (1/2 page) about your career interests and work experience (in the lab or beyond). We can only take students in their junior year (starting fall quarter) or younger.

Undergraduates from other institutions should consider applying to the SPUR program if they are interested in a summer research experience.

We're also actively seeking a postdoc. Please email David and include your CV and a brief statement about your research interests (1/2 to 1 page).


UO and IMB

The University of Oregon is the public flagship of the state, with >23,000 students and major research programs across nine schools and colleges.

The Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) is one of the oldest interdisciplinary biology institutes in the world, integrating chemical and biophysical approaches to understanding the molecular basis of life. The breadth of questions and approaches within the IMB provide an enriching training experience for all.



Brian Davies - The Register-Guard

Brian Davies - The Register-Guard

In this mid-size city of ~170,000 in the Willamette Valley of central Oregon, you'll enjoy easy access to amazing outdoors, a vibrant food and drinks scene, a vibrant arts scene, wonderfully friendly people, and a temperate, drizzly climate that supplies calming green surroundings, year-round. (Yes, it rains here, probably more than where you live right now.)

Unlike Boston, New York, and all major metro areas along the West Coast, the cost of living is sensible here.


The drop-dead gorgeous Oregon coast (above) is about an hour west. The Cascades, with their fantastic skiing and mountaineering, about the same east. Popular mountains-meets-desert Bend a bit father east. If you get the itch for the larger urban jungle on your weekends, hip Portland is just two hours north. Come live the good life

Other notable research institutions in Oregon include Oregon State University in Corvallis and the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland.